• A camp is a multiple (3+) day clinic where all the participants work together as a group.
  • Camps are an education venue that delve deeply into one topic for several days allowing participants time to master an area of training with daily instruction, practice time and multiple examples.
  • Camps can be as short as 3 days or as long as 2 weeks.
  • Horses brought to camps must be allowed to be handled by other participants.
  • You can check the Clinic Schedule to join an already scheduled camp. If one is not currently scheduled in your area, you can choose to host a camp. If you are interested in hosting, then please read through the descriptions of camp topics and click on Hosting a Clinic or Seminar to see what else is involved.
  • Camps are closed to auditors.

Camp Topics

Horse Ownership 101
This is the kid’s camp that you always wanted to do but for adults only. Topics not only cover Training for Optimal Balance but also include barn management, nutrition, first aid and all those things that a horse owner needs to know.

Basic Handling & Groundwork
Several days are spent helping horses overcome defensive patterns and developing horses on the ground. No riding is involved. All the skills in course 1 and 2 are covered in detail as well as how to assess a horse both in body and mind before and throughout training.

Rider Balance & Re-Starting Under Saddle
Mind and body balance are taught in detail with an emphasis on bio-mechanics. Riders have the opportunity to ride multiple horses in order to improve skills and expand awareness. Horses to be ridden are at various stages of training.

Performance Essentials
Cross training and quality flatwork are the emphasis of this camp. Students with a solid understanding of Training for Optimal Balance learn how to take it to the next level and prepare for success in competitive sports.

Horse Training
The emphasis of this camp is how to apply the various skills of Training for Optimal Balance to the unique needs of a horse in training. Students learn how to assess the horse’s current level of training and efficiently develop the horse’s foundation to meet the owner’s goals. Students get a taste of life as a horse trainer whether they choose to bring their own horse or work with a client horse. Each student gets an opportunity to work with multiple horses over the course of the camp.

Instructor Training
Students who are interested in teaching the skills and theory of Training for Optimal Balance can gain hands-on experience with real students before venturing out into the real world as an instructor. Working with horses and teaching students to work with horses are two different areas of expertise. Both require skill development and practice in order to be successful as a professional in the horse industry. The emphasis of this camp is on developing communication skills and adaptability in applying Training for Optimal Balance with various students.

Camp Details

  • 6-12 hour day
  • Participants: 6 minimum – maximum depends on venue
  • Fee: $100.00 per day plus “clinic fees”
  • Clinic fees are an additional “per-person” fee and include arena and other incidental costs divided by total attendees. These fees fluctuate depending on location of camp.

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Quote Of The Day

"Ride the horse in the direction that it's going"
~Werner Erhard