Classically Gaited

Our lesson was really awesome! the body awareness you taught me seems to be what Blaze and I needed to progress.

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Horse Lecture by Dr. Gavin Scofield, D.O.

Instead of going over my version of Gavin’s clinic, I thought you might enjoy some direct quotes. I taped as much as I could from Gavin’s lecture in Kentucky, October 2009.

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Horse Bio-Mechanics

Some of the common indicators that people use to determine if a horse is moving correctly include:

  • An arched neck with the head on the vertical
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    Simple Models, Hard Problems

    The value of simple models to deal with hard problems.

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    Horse Bio-mechanics & Horse/Rider Balance

    Bio-mechanics entails looking at the natural structure of the body in order to better understand how it should ideally function.

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    The Seven Habits of Horsemanship

    Steven Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a fantastic model for people getting along with people. Using his model, I have taken the liberty of applying his ideas to horsemanship to share a perspective on how riders can perhaps get along with horses a bit better.

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    The term disengagement means the horse no longer has a source of power from its hindquarters.

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    Change is Hard on the Brain

    When I work with riders one of the trickiest parts of making improvements is that the changes don’t always feel right at first.

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    Solving Your Horse’s Problem By Introducing New Ones

    The solution to horse behavior problems, often lies in introducing the opposite problem; one uncharacteristic for the horse

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    Are you Riding for Fashion or Soundness?

    There is sometimes a huge difference in riding positions between what is fashionable and what is bio-mechanically sound. The reality is that balance is balance is balance.

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    Quote Of The Day

    "You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper."
    ~Dagobert D. Runes