Host A Clinic

Host A Clinic And You’ll Get Free Lessons
If there is not a clinic currently scheduled in your area, but you would like personal instruction, you are welcome to host a clinic or seminar. As a host, you receive a free clinic slot.

What’s involved for you?

  • Networking in your area to help find interest in a clinic or seminar. A Clinic Forming announcement will also be posted on my newsletter and website.
  • Emailing clinic forms or flyers to promote interest. These are available as PDF files on the website.
  • Local facility coordination, etc.
  • Receiving emails or phone calls to track interest. Your name and contact information will be listed with the clinic schedule.
  • Coordination and collection of release forms and fees
  • Coordination of any local transportation, meals and accommodations if needed for clinician

Free Seminar
As part of helping the host garner interest in others attending an organized clinic, a free 2-hour lecture/demonstration is also available. This lecture/demonstration is most effective when scheduled the evening before or the morning of the clinic.

Clinic versus Seminar
If there are not enough participants to schedule a clinic (where attendees actually work with their horse), but there is sufficient interest shown for auditing, then hosting a seminar instead of a clinic is another option. Seminars do not include active participation of individuals and their horses, but can be effective in introducing training concepts and methods to large groups, at a lower cost per person.

Yes I Am Interested – What Do I Need To Do Next?
Click “HERE” to contact me and get started.

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