Kirsten with Storm in Maryland

Although Kirsten rode regularly from age 9, she didn’t take on horse training as a professional career until in her twenties. Though having ridden Hunters and Jumpers, her focus turned to horse training and especially difficult horses after her first struggle with an off-the-track-Thoroughbred.

For twelve years Kirsten studied, practiced and taught the Vaquero style of traditional Western training (also called Natural Horsemanship) and worked with a variety of top trainers such as John Strong, Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and Pat Parelli. She apprenticed with Pat Parelli and was rated a 3-Star Parelli Instructor for 4 years.

Riding Mic

Her most notable mentor is Dr. Gavin Scofield, D.O.. It was Dr. Scofield D.O from England that presented equine bio-mechanics and the form/function principle in a way that could easily be applied to daily horse riding and training. Kirsten also worked with Gavin’s wife, 4-Star Event rider Annabelle Scofield, and with Carol Brett and Lesley Ann Taylor of BALANCE Saddles, to understand the principles of Classical Riding.  Kirsten combined many styles of riding together with Dr Scofield’s scientific work, in developing her approach to horse training.

Teaching Farrier Prep At ERAF

In addition to using these skills in helping clients and their horses, Kirsten also utilizes her background in the rehabilitation of rescue horses. She began at the Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation ERAF in Palm City, Florida in 2006 with the intention of challenging herself by working with “rescue horses”, often the most difficult. That work has since grown to include the development of ERAF “Rehabilitation and Education Clinics” (REC), where ERAF volunteers learn the theory, principles, techniques and actively participate in horse-rehabilitation. Kirsten’s work has shown that rescue horses, often the most difficult to turn-around, can be re-trained, re-strengthened, re-started and become excellent and adoptable horses in the process. Since the program began, many ERAF horses have been successfully re-trained and adopted-out, escaping the “loop of rescue”.

Kirsten continues to donate her time teaching others and working with rescue horses to this day.

Quote Of The Day

"A good rider can hear his horse speak to him, a great rider can hear his horse whisper, but a bad rider won't hear his horse even if it screams at him"
~Unknown Author