Lost my hip joint

Anyone seen my left hip joint? I can’t seem to find it. I remember having it at my last lesson with Kirsten, but that’s the last time I remember having it.

It’s funny, I can use my right seat bone, but I can’t seem to get to my left one. Jasper and I seem to be plateauing. I was having success keeping my legs long and riding with my seat bones, but I gradually had to use the reins more to correct his triangle. There’s something really subtle going on and I can’t figure it out in the saddle. I had to resort to long lining today to try to see what was going one. We long-lined for about and hour, and Jasper had a really hard time straightening out. That ball would stay on the inside, then slide to the outside, the box would sift, the triangle would get out of whack, or some combination of the three.

It was almost and hour before we finally got 2 really good circles. This was after an hour riding — so almost 2 hours of work in some hard Maryland heat (don’t laugh, you guys in Florida). He was sweaty, I was drenched, and we both wanted to stop. He did those 2 great circles, stopped, looked back at me and said “There. I did it. Now can we stop?” (I heard him quite clearly — maybe it was the heat).

It seems we are getting into that situation because I’m not using that left hip joint effectively. I need some DIY ortho-bionomy.


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