My Affair with Black Tie

I always knew better than to pray for patience, as I was never ready to take that journey.  However, my affair with Black Tie has certainly taught me patience.    Black Tie is my fabulous Egyptian Arabian, who I adopted from Equine Rescue & Adoption Foundation, and began my journey to work with him.  He was the “escape artist”  in the Miami area, and was picked up 2 times by the Animal Control.  The second time, the owner refused to take him back, and so he arrived at our Palm City facility.

I first noticed that he was withdrawn and his eyes were very sad.  Then the first time I went into the pasture to catch him, it took me 45 minutes (first lesson in patience).  But, for some reason, I was drawn to him and his mysterious ways.   So, I began my affair – journey to earn his trust and love.  From catching, to walking and lunging, and the trials that all of this entailed, I personally grew to love this horse and all that he was teaching me (patience included).

Black Tie as a rescue was very withdrawn and sad looking.

It took a good year of working with Black Tie to get him accepting a saddle, and then a rider.  In fact, the first day that I was mounting him, he spooked just as I was dismounting, and I wound up flat on my back on the ground.  So, with a compression fracture in my back, I could not mount or begin riding for 6 weeks.  I was broken hearted!!  My affair was on hold!  Or was it?  I found ways to spend as much time with him as I could, even though I couldn’t really work him myself.  I was truly taken in by my “TieMan”, as I was calling him by then.  I watched and coached as other volunteers worked him, as Kirsten rode him in our Wednesday classes, and as he spent time with me just “hanging out”.

Finally, I was released to ride and the affair continued. My Black Tie (Man) Affair!! At first, bareback, then accepting me with the saddle and now I ride him outside of the roundpin and am training him for trail rides.  His eyes have softened and are trusting now.  He is still that “hot-blooded” arabian, but with trust and love for the human now. 

 What a joy this affair has been.  And, who has grown the most, Black Tie or me?  That is a question that still goes unanswered.  

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"If the horse does not enjoy his work, his rider will have no joy."
~H.H. Isenbart