General Information:

Current Status


Jasper spent a month away from Mic and Prima and has grown as a result. It was tough seeing him go, just as a parent feels watching their child head off to school. Jasper is finally back home again and is re-united with his “herd”. All is right with the herd again.

Training Current Focus

Basic Handling, Groundwork, Riding, Other


Jasper has been a late bloomer. He has always looked about a year or two younger than his actual age and so I have been very slow to get him started under saddle. At 5 he has only carried me for two 5 minute rides so far. But I didn’t start Prima under saddle until she was 6 and she seems better for it. For all the things I did wrong with Prima, that horse has never taken a lame step. So I am in no hurry with Jasper.

Just letting Jasper grow and training him on the ground has proven very valuable. Not only is Jasper a confident young lad now, he finally decided to grow. Giving his body time to grow has allowed him to turn into a beautiful horse. He and Mic now look like bookends and they look after Prima (the mare) like body guards.