General Information:

Current Status


Prima is worked every day and sometimes twice a day, now that I have a full-time intern.  She has settled down too now that Jasper has returned to the “herd” (Jasper was gone for a month).

Training Current Focus

Basic Handling, Groundwork, Riding, Other


Prima, my Arabian mare, has been with me for all of her 15 years. It is a bitter pill to swallow to realize that her challenges are no more than a reflection of my own learning curve. On the one hand she is the easiest horse I have ever owned because we have such a strong bond and on the other she offers no mercy for repeated mistakes. She kindly points out my weaknesses regularly and keeps reminding me to stay humble. I do believe that Prima was put on this planet to make sure I get it right one day. She is my toughest, most honest teacher without a doubt, but also the kindest.